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Warren Eames in his Formula Vee race car

Warren Eames - Formula Vee 1976

Our beginnings go back to our founder Warren Eames having a background in Formula Vees (1975-1978) where the tight restrictions and low HP meant any power improvement such as 1/2hp was a big gain. He came to realise what the top runners had that he did not, a Flow Bench. In 1996 after five years of research and development Warren was able to release his first machine the MK9. After about 12 months he realised the need (from customer feed back) for a larger capacity machine and the MK10 was born.

Since 1996 FMA have proudly offered Australia's only commercially available Flow benches to businesses, enthusiasts and the motor racing industry, for : Dirt, Drag and Circuit bikes : Sprint, Drag and Circuit cars as well as Go-karts and Gas powered cars. Now we have just released our NEW FME600 and changed the models to more represent the machine flow. 

Our NEW FME-P (Electronic) machines are even easier to use, more versatile, lower  shipping costs & now you get 1:5hrs of free instructions via TeamViewer, to get up & running even faster.

Our machines and software have improved over the years from customer feedback and will continue to do so in the future. Our machines have satisfied the demands of the enthusiast, hobbyist and professional since 1996. If power and performance are your aim or you need better economy, maybe you're tired of being second or an also ran. Then you need a FMA Flow bench.

Formula Vee designed by Warren Eames, chassis by Colin Emerson.

Formula Vee designed by Warren Eames, chassis by Colin Emerson.

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