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Flow Bench FME1200

The FME1200P is the Flowbench for all V8 engines including Dragsters & Inlet systems such as Snorkels, that can: Record, Save, Graph, Report and Analise Flow Bench Data up to 1200 cfm @ 28” wg on Windows operating systems. Making your flow testing: faster, easier, more accurate, and more professional. Streamline: recording, calculating, reporting and graphing of cylinder head, Exhaust system & Snorkels Flow Bench data and see flow and power improvements from your porting and other engine modifications that can come from minor improvements in detail. For cylinder heads, these details not only include flow, but port velocity mapping with a pitot tube. You'll never use a calculator again. When sufficient data is available for a Valve Lift (or L/D point), CFM is calculated and graphed, with appropriate corrections made for test pressure variations (and temperature difference and bench calibration if needed). The FME1200P will do V8's to over 2450hp @ 28" wg and over 4100hp @ 10" wg. The FME1200P can be wired in to single phase power or use existing three phase power outlet.

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  • New: PNEUMATIC Control. ALL slides have been eliminated making for fasted & easier operation
  • One Toggle switch to change direction readings instead of two manual switches
  • Able to Flow heads that flow more than the machines 28"wg capacity
  • The NEW FME machines can test at over 28in wg pressure
  • Potential HP readings on Pro software
  • Use your own Logo on printouts
  • Can do Port Velocity readings
  • Free Motor Controller
  • Quicker Flow readings
  • Overlay Head graphs
  • Less range changes
  • Easier to Calibrate
CAPACITY 1200cfm @ 28in wg (@ 415v)
FLOW MEASUREMENT Digital - Only 2 Ranges
THERMOMETER In & Out + Temp. compensation
CONTROLS Motor, Pressure & Direction
POWER REQUIREMENTS 415 volts - 28 amps per phase
DIMENSIONS 925w 860d 670h 105kg
HEAD ADAPTER INSERTS 2 of your choice - Standard

POWER REQUIREMENT figures are ONLY under MAXIMUM load. Most machines will never use maximum capacity.
eg: the FME1200 will draw about 28amps per phase under full load which rarely happens. We do all our testing on 15amps.

Flow @ 28in wg
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