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Port Flow Analyzer v3.5 for Windows

The Computer Program to electronically: Record, Save, Graph, Report and Analyze Flow Bench Data.

The Port Flow Analyzer is a computer program designed to "streamline" the: recording, calculating, reporting and graphing of cylinder head & other flow bench data. It will make your flow testing faster, easier, more accurate, and more professional.

  • You will use the latest technology. Power improvements at the "cutting edge" of racing come from minor improvements in detail. For cylinder heads, these details include flow & port velocity. The Port Flow Analyzer (Pro version) comes with port velocity mapping with a Pitot tube. Standard on FME machines.
  • You don't have to change your test methods. Whether you currently use Lift in inches or L/D increments (Valve Lift divided by Valve Diameter), special sequences of Lift or L/D increments, non-standard Test Pressures, temperature, port velocity in pressure (inches of water) or velocity (ft/sec) etc., the Port Flow Analyzer can be set up for most any test procedure.
  • You save time entering data. The Port Flow Analyzer has many options which copy data that are likely to repeat from one head or test to another or from one port to another. Your data sheet may be mostly complete before you even start. This partially completed data sheet is also a handy guide, directing you as to what Lift, Flow Range and Test Pressure to set.
  • You'll never use a calculator again. When sufficient data is available for a Valve Lift (or L/D point), CFM is calculated and graphed, with appropriate corrections made for test pressure variations (and temperature difference and bench calibration if needed). Use your own Logo on printouts.                         
  • You minimize mistakes. The high resolution CFM graph lets you double check points which look "out of line" while running the test. Math errors are a thing of the past.
  • You’ll make a professional impression. The Port Flow Analyzer, groups from one to eight cylinders together as a head. You can record numerous details about head components (springs, valves, locks, etc.), bore/intake/exhaust adapters, customer name, etc. When you have completed your testing, detailed and informative reports and colour graphs are only keystrokes away. You, your employees and your customers will appreciate their clear, detailed and professional appearance.
  • You will see why some heads make more power than others. Reports are available on the screen, from a printer or as an ASCII disk file. Reports can consist of Raw or Calculated results, for one cylinder, all cylinders or averaged over the entire head. Calculated results consist of: CFM corrected to most any test pressure, Valve Area, CFM per Square Inch, Flow Coefficient, Valve Velocity, Port Velocity, Swirl*, Port Mapping, Stability* and % Exhaust/Intake.
  • You can graph and compare flow data from several different heads. Graphs can be of CFM or most any calculated result (CFM, swirl*, flow coef., etc.) vs Lift or L/D for intake, exhaust, or intake & exhaust. Comparison Graphs allow you to graph data from several different ports or heads for comparisons. Comparison reports are also available.
  • You can "database" your heads for fast retrieval and comparisons. Port Flow Analyzer (Pro version) lets you record many items about the heads you are flowing, including Head No., customer and operator name, about 60 head component details, comments, etc. The program remembers the maximum intake and exhaust flow for all heads tested. You can search through all your tests for these items. For example, you could look for all tests for Customer "Johnson" that had the letters "FM" in the Int Valve Seal part No. that were run between January 1998 to March 2000. Or look for all heads that had the word "Dart" in the test comments that flowed more than 250 CFM on the Intake at 28". For shops who run many flow tests, this is a great way to stay organized.
  • You will stay up to date. Port Flow Analyzer is already compatible with the Engine Analyzer Pro v2.1 D (or later) for Windows. Like all our software, it can be customized for your specific needs.  
 Pro Version’s Additional Features: (Standard on FME machines)
The Pro version lets you record:
  • Additional flow data like CFM variation (identifying "unstable" ports), Swirl* and Swirl variation*, Tumble* and Tumble variation*, Port velocities from Pitot tube readings, Barometer*, Temperature (even if its not needed for corrections), Humidity*.
  • More Head specs like Intake and Exhaust stem diameter, throat diameter, port shape, seat angle, port volume and more.
  • Over 60 head details like valve spring specs and part #s, valve specs and part #s, seat cutter descriptions, lock descriptions, retainer descriptions, and much more.
  • Combine your flow data with simple cam and engine specs for more detailed analysis and engine performance estimates.
  • Customize printed reports and especially graphs. You can include comments for each head graphed and tables of the actual data graphed.
  • Filter (find) past tests based on certain criteria, like Max Int CFM, Customer name, dates, etc.
  • "History Log", keeps a running log of tests you have recently started new, run, graphed or reported.
  • And Much more. 
You Get a Quality Product: The Port Flow Analyzer comes with a 160 page manual & on screen help. 

What You Need: IBM or compatible computer with Windows 95, 98, Me, XP, 2000, NT, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 10.

What You Get: Program CD with manual in PDF format on the CD. Several example test files preloaded in the Example library for you to start with AND VIDEOS of the Software usage.



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