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"I would like to take the time to tell you how happy I am to have purchased my F.M.A MK10 from you, I can not believe how simple it is to use and your after sale service has been impeccable. I have had a good range of motorcycle and car heads on my machine from modified street cars to purpose built race engines and have seen excellent results on the dyno and race track. The machine has been most impressive in its accuracy time after time and with electronics are simple to use and is great for recording data. Thank-you for your follow up after sale service, I can honestly say I have never had this kind of service in the past."

Jamie Stauffer

2006 & 2007 Australian Superbike Champion 2006 & 2008 Supersport Champion
Maitland NSW Australia

"I would like to drop you a small line to thank you for the fantastic service that you have supplied since my first phone call. Being of the older generation I had put off buying a flow bench for more years than I can remember. The computer side of today is a worry to me as I was not brought up with this technology. Since purchasing the 600 (new Pneumatic FME600P) I have had absolutely no problems with this program and flow bench and it's a lot easier to work than I ever imagined. The only problem is that I should have bought one 35 years ago. The information that you can gather in a short time will save thousands of hours later on. Thanks again Warren for your great machine and service and I will try and keep in touch"

Graeme Eaton

E & S Head systems New Zealand

"Josh has been using the bench a lot over the last week with heads that are flowing in the 300 + CFM range. He is confident that he has accuracy of +/-1 CFM repeatability. Regards Les"

Les Collins Racing

Innovative Performance Engineering

"We decided to re-open our Cylinder head shop. One of the tools that we could not afford the first time around, was a flow bench. We did the work on knowledge and experience alone, and thankfully I was taught by one of the best. Peter Liddle of LIDDLES CYLINDER HEADS. Now this time, we focused on purchasing a flow bench. It couldn’t be any old bench. After extensive research and talking to sellers of the many different machines, we decided to buy the FME400. Home grown with all the support you could ask for. The machine is repeatably accurate, easy to use and the software is very helpful, not to mention how much we have learnt after buying and using the FME400. I would have to say, probably the most important machine I have.
Thanks For all your support and ongoing help Warren."

Grant McGonagle

Maximum Performance Heads

"After purchasing one of your FME600 Flow Benches in Dec. 09 I would have to say it is the most valuable tool we have in aiding our cylinder head development and along with Port Flow Analyzer it has made flow testing so much quicker and user friendly, no need for lengthy calculations in between flow tests which means we get back in the porting room sooner and back on the flow bench, this helps us quickly develop ports, some ports we do will see as many as 16 different flow tests on the same port and instead of just looking at numbers on many pieces of paper as we were doing in the past we can overlay results on top of each other in a graph which makes comparisons between tests much easier to read.
The ability to flow up to 60” is another bonus as it allows us to flow at a higher test pressure than the industry std 28” which can highlight ports where CFM “backs up” above 28” and above a certain valve lift which is common for some cylinder heads , this has allowed us to address these issues and along with port velocity mapping we can easily identify busy and lazy areas of ports which also aides port development, the repeatability of the flow bench is also excellent which is vital for fine tuning ports. The FME600 is used more than any machine in our workshop and is also very reliable and trouble free.
You are extremely approachable and your after sales service is 2nd to none and only a phone call away. Thanks for dropping in and helping us set up the bench and giving us a head start on using the software, unlike other flow bench companies you go out of your way to address any questions you have about the flow bench and software."

Peter Murray

Horsepower Engineering

"After having the MK9 for some time now and a professional involvement with flow testing for over 30 years must say a BIG BRAVO to You. The MK9 flow bench is working perfectly from the first time used. Compared to other makes I worked with in the past it is much more stable with small electric power variations but its big plus is its repeatability. Time after time the results repeat with great accuracy and this is the most important detail in a professional flow bench. Its flow capacity is not too small or too big. It is correct from small Moto to 4, 6 and most V8 cylinder engines. Perfect model for my type of engine workshop. I also want to thank you for the excellent communication we have, before and after sale and wish You the very best."

Ylannis Loukopoulos

Megatec Greece

"I would like to thank you from us all at Ashford Racing, we are ANDRA record holders & specialise in Turbo & High-Tech Performance engines for all forms of motorsports. I am very impressed with our FME-400 pro flow bench that we purchased from you 1 year ago & it has been a very important tool for our R & D, especially the port velocity mapping. The information & customer service that you have given us is second to none.
I have flowed various heads, manifolds, mufflers & cat convertors back to back with great accuracy and saved time in the process with the user friendly software that does the calculations for you. No need for a calculator any more on our FME-400 which saves us around 30 mins on every cylinder head. I will always recommend FMA to others as your standards of workmanship & after sales service are as i said before, second to none. Thank you warren for an affordable & outstanding product."

Mark Ashford


"Here at NKR engines we build race engines for karts, junior dragsters and motocross. Since purchasing our FME200 from Warren we have been able to achieve more consistent results in our engines and it is also helping us enormously with our research and development side of things. The FME200 is a very user friendly machine and with great after sales support I have no hesitation in recommending FMA to anyone in the market for a flow bench."

Nathan King

Nat King Race Engines

"I have to put pen to paper and say thank you for the help and information that you have supplied, it has been unbelievable, something that is very hard to find this day and age!! I am over the moon with the quality and reliability of your product. Before I purchased my MK10 up until now I'm totally satisfied with the before and after sales service - it is extraordinary!!!"

Greg Brown

Eastcoast Speedworx

"I just thought it was time to write you a few paragraphs in appreciation of everything you have done for us during the past few months.
At a time when cash and carry and internet sales appear to be the order of the day, and a time where personal old fashion service appears to be fading into the distant memory of yesteryear, it was really refreshing to deal with you and experience some of that kid glove kind of care and attention we had presumed no longer existed. Let me fill you into some of the events which led me to order our F.M.A MK10 from you recently: our Six Stroke Engine Developments dictated the need for accurate flow testing of our new progressively evolving cylinder heads, …we were determined to buy an Australian built machine.
Well, the time has come for us to pay due credit where the same has been earned: your conduct throughout the entire negotiations was impeccable, your regular contact advising as to our machines production progress was second to none, your honesty at all times was rather refreshing, … our new F.M.A Mk 10 flow bench finally arrived by courier nicely packaged and followed by a phone call from you to check that all was well, … the machine was almost ready to plug and play, we had the few bits and pieces connected in about half an hour and were actually flow testing various ports and heads later that afternoon. The F.M.A MK10 proved to be an absolute breeze to assemble and a real pleasure to operate, … …Malcolm was not quite as versant with the computer data logging part of the process as he could be, and presto, you got on a plane south and spent one and a half days training Malcolm on the most intricate workings of both the hardware and software aspects of the MK10.
The Mk10 has proven to be the most important machine we have invested in thus far, your machine has quickly and efficiently managed to guide our progressive flow improvements into some monstrous flow gains, which have in turn translated into enormous torque increases and maximum power achievements never before possible, the beauty of this F.M.A unit is that every modification and alteration can be quickly tested and the results data-logged, leaving nothing to guesswork.
Malcolm and I would like to thank you for taking time away from your young son and family, and for the care and attention you have extended Malcolm and his project, in a world entangled with internet buying and absolute absence of after sales service, it is really enlightening and a true pleasure to deal with people like you and your Flowbench Manufacturing Australia company. "

Steve Eleftheriadis & Malcolm Beare

Six Stroke Engine Developments P/L

"Just a quick note to let you know that your machine is more than satisfying our requirements, in fact, it is far better than we first thought it would be. The overall performance and user ability is first rate. I have no hesitation recommending FMA as your standards of workmanship are exceptionally high."

James Murray-Parks


"We work on two stroke kart and motor cross engines and use the flowbench for testing the barrels. The flow bench has performed very well and the software and velocity mapping gives us a close look at what is really going on. Warren has a real passion for what he does and this is reflected in the quality of his flowbenches and the excellent back up service he provides. This was really important for me as I had never seen a flowbench let alone used one before. It wasn't long before we were starting to make good comparisons between KT carbs, airboxes and I now find that I have increased my customer base to the 4 stroke sector. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending FMA and am only too happy to talk to anyone who might have any questions."

Darren Biggs

Tony Kart NZ

"Here at Racebits Race Cars our prime business is chassis building, we also offer head porting for street and race engines from 4cylinder to V8’s. We also specialise in High performance 4 stroke race engines for Junior Dragsters and Go-karts. Our Junior Dragster engines have gone on to be some of the fastest engines in the world. For this reason, a number of years back we looked into getting a good flow bench for our workshop. Being a big believer in “you get what you pay for”, I looked straight at the big name benches. This was until someone pointed me to F.M.A benches. After looking into them and talking to Warren a number of times, we decided to purchase the MK9 flow bench. Upon its arrival, I was impressed by the quality of the finish and the attention to detail, and after using it for a while, I learned that the accuracy is also beyond reproach. Now, after dozens of tests that we have run on heads ranging from our side valve race engines to all out race heads for big block Chevy’s, I would say that it has now become as important as any other machine we have in our workshop."

Rick Barry


"It has been about three and a half years since I purchased the Flowbench from you and so far have not experienced any problems. The Flowbench has certainly helped further our knowledge in the high performance research and development field.
I would now say that it is as important as any other machine we have in our well equipped machine shop. I think your Flowbenches are very good dollar value and it is pleasing to know that you are only a phone call away should we have any queries. Thankyou for your support."

Ricky Steffens

"I have found Warren to be very approachable and prompt to any queries I have had regarding the performance of the machine, and quick to provide up-dates and remedies. I am looking forward to many years of satisfactory service from the FMA MK 9 Flowbench."

Stephen Downie

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